Reasons why you need to visit Marrakesh

Explore the streets of the old town:

Those who are wishing to explore the city without the high costs can haggle with the vendors and enjoy a chat in the small shops selling simple memories such as Moroccan abaya, Moroccan shoes, spices, as well as colorful ceramics.

Visiting Majorelle Garden:


In the Majorelle Garden, there is a blue villa with a variety of flowers of various kinds. The garden extends over an area of โ€‹โ€‹12 acres, where the French painter Jacques Majorelle left it as a gift to Marrakech.

Eating sheep’s head:

It must also be mentioned, that some tourists visit the city of Marrakesh for the purpose of enjoying Moroccan food, some of which are characterized by strange foods, such as cooked snails, tagine, couscous, and also sheep’s heads. A main dish in Morocco, tangia is meat cooked for a period of six hours in a ceramic pot.

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