The climate in Marrakesh

The climate in Marrakesh is warm throughout the year, so the relatively dry climate is the prevailing climate in it, but despite the high temperatures that the city may witness, it is not considered a barren land, because it is located on the slopes of the Atlas Mountains, and the rate of rainfall reaches The monthly in Marrakesh to about 4 mm during the hottest months, and about 31 mm during the most humid period, which extends between months; January, and April, and the following is a simple explanation of the weather in Marrakesh in each season of the year.


It is characterized by hot and dry weather in general, and the temperature is highest during the month; July and August, when it reaches 37 degrees Celsius, and rainfall rates are low in the period between two months; June and August, with the lowest percentage in August at a rate of 2 mm, which is considered the driest month in Marrakesh throughout the year, and humidity reaches its lowest level in July, at 44%.


It is characterized by warm weather in general. The average temperature in the month of April reaches 25 degrees Celsius, while it rises to 28 degrees Celsius during the month of May. The average monthly rainfall is; March and April 31 mm, while it decreases to 11 mm in May.


It is characterized by cold weather, and the temperature is at its lowest during the month of January, reaching 18 degrees Celsius, while it rises slightly in November to range around 22 degrees Celsius, and the average rainfall in January is 31 mm


It is one of the most suitable seasons to visit Marrakesh, and is characterized by cold weather during the months; October, November, and the hottest month of September. The average temperature during September reaches 31 degrees Celsius, while it decreases during the month of November to reach 22 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall is 13 mm during September, and 27 mm during November.

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