Genuine Moroccan Teapot


Traditional Moroccan teapots are made of silver-coated copper. The hammered shape and patterns on the sides and sometimes on top give these teapots a handcrafted look and practical use.

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Large Genuine Moroccan Teapot with feet and cover and integrated filter, traditional authentic with a classical engraved Moroccan arabesque design. Handmade in Morocco with silver Maillechort.


Traditional Genuine Moroccan Teapot is made of silver-plated copper. The shape and the patterns hammered on the sides and sometimes on top, give these teapots a handcrafted appearance and practical use.


There’s something special for us about the symbol of drinking tea in the Moroccan culture that sets as a daily reminder to enjoy the presence of the people around you, relax and take it all in.

Pour two teaspoons of green tea into your teapot and add boiling water. Brew it and then drain the tea, so that the bitter taste disappears. Make the tea again in the same teapot with mint and sugar and pour hot water into it. Leave to brew for about five minutes.

You can now enjoy your tea and dream of your next trip to Morocco.


All our teapots have an integrated traditional Moroccan filter (about 7 holes) which is found between the body and spout. The teapots are food-grade and have been designed to keep tea hot.

Can be used on a stove. Hand-wash only. Dry immediately after washing.

Approximate Capacity:

Extra Small: about 2 tea glasses.

Small: about 4 tea glasses.

Medium: about 6 tea glasses.

Large: about 8 tea glasses.

Extra Large: about 12 tea glasses.


Handmade in Morocco.

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  1. I bought this thinking it was a nice green colour, apparently it GREY! I’m colour blind so I don’t care but my girlfriend says grey makes me look fat

  2. I love grey hoodies! This is perfect with my grey Ninja shirt, when I get cold I throw this on and I can still be a Ninja.

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