Authentic Moroccan Tea Set Traditional


Moroccan tea is a sign of hospitality, friendship, and tradition. The perfect gift for people who enjoy sharing their cup of tea, this Moroccan tea set includes a silver Moroccan teapot, 6 teacups, and a round tray

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Marrakech Crafts presents the Moroccan Tea Set in modern shape and different colors. Besides the fact that our products are made by specialists from the old school, our manufacturing process is completely different from the mass products available in the market, and you cannot find this product in another store, we are the only ones who bring you amazing Moroccan teacups.

magic with our impressive range of elegant Tea Sets. Marrakech Crafts glassware is practical and versatile for drinking, candle holders, or sophisticated party favors. Each cup of Moroccan tea is hand-painted by skilled artisans in Morocco.

Our Moroccan Tea Set includes this wonderful and regal set of 6 teacups. Every glass is a piece of art. Serve tea in elegance with this beautiful set. It can be used as wine glasses or a votive candle holder for a different look.

Glasses Dimensions: 4 ” x 2.5 ” diameter

This set includes:

Large teapot

Round tray

Six cups of tea

Please note that our products are handcrafted so they may differ slightly from each other in decoration or color shade.

Beautiful handmade.


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